IT System Admin


Position: Junior or Mid Level


Timing: Immediate.


NAPNOK GAMES is an award-winning studio located in the heart of Copenhagen and with offices in Skopje and Minneapolis. Our mission is to create groundbreaking local/ social multiplayer games driven by novel interfaces and new technologies.

Currently, we are working on an exciting new toyline and expanding our core team and services at our sister Game Testing company, Indium Play, which provides QA & Playtesting services for game studios worldwide.

We are looking for a motivated and detail-oriented Junior or Mid Level System Administrator to join the NAPNOK Skopje Team.


Job responsibilities:

–        Acquire, install, configure, manage and maintain all company software, hardware. This includes maintaining inventories of all company hardware and software licenses

–        Manage the company network infrastructure and services, both local and cloud-based

–        Propose, implement, update, disseminate and enforce security practices and solutions across the company, including but not limited to monitoring, intrusion prevention, access restriction, data protection, logging, auditing, and assistance with any forensic investigations

–        Create, manage and terminate accounts, implement access control as required

–        Set up, configure, and maintain data archival and backup across the company

–        Support development teams as needed during day-to-day operation. Collaborate with project managers and assist with project-specific setup, maintenance, and other needs as appropriate

–        Train company personnel in using the IT services, proper use and restrictions of company hardware, and observing security guidelines. Answer technical queries and assist users. Generate instructional materials as necessary

–        Set up and maintain secure remote administrative access and tools. Travel to remote offices when necessary

–        Respond to emergency hardware and software failures

–        Generate periodic reports to executive management as to the state of the IT infrastructure and services, running costs, risk assessment, capacity planning, deficiencies, and other needs identified. Propose and implement mitigation/upgrade/expansion strategies


Essential Requirements:

–        N.B. We are an English language-based office. All work is done in English and English proficiency is a primary job requirement.

–        Verifiable education and/or experience in System Administration, Network Administration, IT Security, or similar disciplines

–        Great communication skills



–        A passion for games and an interest in the gaming industry

–        A good understanding of the specifics of hardware as applicable to gaming

–        Experience with automated build systems, version control


You’ll probably enjoy working with us if you are:

–        An excellent troubleshooter with great problem-solving skills

–        Able to find root causes of issues efficiently and intelligently

–        Restless when not learning something new or stretching yourself

–        A detail-oriented person and you are able to follow procedures

–        Curious and passionate


Practical info

–        To apply for this position please send your resume in English to and we will get back to you as soon as possible

–        Apply as soon as possible as we review applications continuously

–        Application Deadline: 31st August 2021

–        Place and address: st.Kiril and Metodij no.50, 1000, Skopje





We are looking for a motivated and detail-oriented Junior or Mid Level System Administrator to join the NAPNOK Skopje Team.



We are working on an exciting new toyline and we are looking for a Senior Electronics Engineer to join our Micro Robotics team.


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