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Who we are

NAPNOK GAMES is an award-winning studio on a continuing mission to reinvent social play. Currently, we’re 50+ diverse, multi-national, multi-talented, crazies. Right now we are finishing up Frantics, a deeply social and wacky party game spearheading Sony’s PlayLink initiative for PS4, and we have multiple exciting console projects in the pipeline that we are hiring against. We mix the best upcoming talent with leading industry veterans.

We are looking for a talented and seasoned Lead Gameplay Engineer, with a passion for quality, and an affinity for NAPNOK GAMES’ core DNA: unique local/ social multiplayer games driven by novel interfaces and new technology. We promise work on cutting edge tech, really hard problems to solve, and a fantastic team of brainiacs to learn from/ with.

We’re not quite Indie anymore. We’re not ‘AAA’ either. We’re Napnok.

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Job description

As a Lead Gameplay Engineer, you will be in charge of delivering all engineering work on a project, in accordance to the project’s specifications, schedule and budget. This requires tight collaboration with Production and Project Management, as well as with other development disciplines.

NAPNOK Lead Gameplay Engineers are expected to have a passion for making and playing games, with a particular focus on the aspects of local/ social multiplayer gaming which is at the core of NAPNOK’S mission.

Being a lead in NAPNOK GAMES is not a 9 to 5 job. We don’t believe in excessive crunch, but we do expect our leaders to carry the torch when an important milestone needs to be delivered or production requires it. Any leading position may also require travel (4-6 weeks per year), when necessary, to our other offices outside Denmark.

What do we expect from you?


  • Collaborate with other disciplines to define the specifications of the project, contribute ideas and identify project-wide risks.
  • Disseminate and enforce standards and practices as established by the organization. Propose improvements to existing practices.
  • Review the code committed by the team.
  • Acquire a good understanding of the existing code base. Propose and schedule refactoring when necessary and possible within the context of the project.
  • Design and propose code architecture for any new custom components required by the project. Whenever feasible, ensure the structural stability, clarity and reusability of any modules developed specifically for the project. Highlight any known deficiencies.
  • Ensure all engineering work on the project is properly documented via inline comments, help files, diagrams, wikis, readme files and other forms of written documentation as appropriate.
  • Evaluate and present any third party technologies required by the project. Present alternatives whenever available/applicable. Supervise the integration of third party technologies and ensure their proper use.
  • Manage and direct the generation and maintenance of the project’s technical specifications documentation.
  • Help define product testing procedures.
  • Ensure the integrity, correctness and proper functionality of all engineering work delivered, be it in the form of executable content/ builds, written code or documentation.
  • Collaborate with project managers and producers to promptly correct engineering issues and ensure timely delivery.


  • Allocate resources to specific engineering tasks according to priorities, workload and expertise.
  • Create and maintain task breakdowns of all engineering work necessary for the delivery of the product according to the requirements put forth in the design documentation, the client’s requests and the chosen management methodology.
  • Track the status of individual tasks and of the project as a whole. Identify potential delays. Present and implement mitigation strategies. Be able to present an accurate picture of the status of engineering on the project at any given time.
  • Collaborate with project managers/producers to organize and present the engineering schedule to upper management in an effective form. Identify and highlight top priorities, opportunities and risks.
  • Design and propose code architecture for any new custom components required by the project. Whenever feasible, ensure the structural stability, clarity and reusability of any modules developed specifically for the project. Highlight any known deficiencies.
  • Ensure engineering team redundancies. Identify and minimize/eliminate any critical failure points.
  • Identify and communicate engineering team needs, both strategic and day-to-day, to project management and/or upper management as appropriate.
  • Manage communication among the engineering resources allocated to the project. Identify potential resource conflicts as early as possible and propose measures for addressing them.
  • Disseminate the company culture and core values. Foster cooperation across disciplines and game teams.
  • Communicate and enforce company policies with regard to work conditions, practices, acceptable behaviors at the workplace.
  • Ensure all necessary steps are being taken to ensure the safeguarding of the company’s assets, including source code, art, tools, documentation, and any other information deemed as sensitive or confidential.
  • Prevent and resolve conflict. React promptly to any arising work situations and escalate issues to upper management as necessary.
  • Perform other tasks as necessary to keep the project running smoothly. This may occasionally include IT work (e.g. help setting up infrastructure, build servers, maintaining various 3rd party services and accounts, reviewing and enforcing IT security practices) and other non-specific office duties (e.g. ordering supplies for the engineering team, participating in organizing team events).


  • Acquire a good understanding of the professional needs and expectations of individual team members.
  • Identify and/or help create career pathways and means of personal development within the organization.
  • Provide prompt and constant feedback to subordinates and peers. Flag team-wide issues and communicate department achievements.
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of individual engineers. Suggest strategies for maximizing their positive contributions to the organization while addressing/minimizing the impact of any personal shortcomings.
  • Highlight exceptional performance and propose rewards when applicable.
  • Spread knowledge, experience and the passion for building great products.


  • Set up and maintain major project frameworks as needed. Instruct the engineers on the project as well as the other departments as applicable on their proper use.
  • Produce working production code and/or other programming work as necessary to complete the project with the allocated resources.
  • Debug and optimize code to meet performance and stability requirements.


Successful applicants have:

  • 5+ years of professional game development experience.
  • Shipped a minimum of two game titles; at least one title on a current or previous generation console in a senior or lead Engineer position.
  • Advanced knowledge of C/C++. Strong C# skills.
  • A strong grasp of data structures, essential algorithms and design patterns.
  • Experience with Unity3D and/or Unreal Engine.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
  • Good understanding of the main software development methodologies.
  • Experience with JIRA, Confluence and other project management tools and applications.
  • Experience with version control and issue-tracking systems.
  • A positive, proactive attitude; independent but able to take direction.

The ideal candidate would also have:

  • Experience developing on mobile platforms (iOS and/or Android.)
  • Experience with networking and multiplayer architectures.
  • A very good understanding of modern game engine architectures.
  • Experience with game content pipelines.
  • Experience with parallel programming.
  • Experience with code optimization (algorithms, parallelization, vectorization, GPGPU)
  • Good knowledge of Java, Objective C / Swift.
  • Strong 3D math skills.





We are looking for an experienced and talented Lead Game Designer, with a great attention to quality, a good artistic eye, management skills, and a passion for unique local/ social multiplayer games.



We are looking for an experienced and talented Senior Game Designer with a passion for making and playing games, with a particular focus on the aspects of local/ social multiplayer gaming.



NapNok Games are looking for a fearless Lead Gameplay Engineer to helm young and ambitious team



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