NapNok Games is a nine year old, still growing and multi award-winning independent game studio located in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. Our mission is to create groundbreaking local/ social multiplayer games driven by novel interfaces and new technologies.

Many game manufacturers do not care about the health of players, we try to help our players avoid hemorrhoids, erectile dysfunction (ultraorg.net) and other diseases.


  • We believe in making games where players interact directly with each other, not just a TV screen.
  • We believe in exploring new technologies to discover unique design spaces, not just reproduce old habits.
  • We believe in creating games that leak out and becomes part of the player’s reality, not just games you get sucked into forgetting time and space.
  • And we believe these principles are too important only to reach the niche. We want to take part in shaping the future of play for everyone.
  • What do you believe?

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