NapNok Games announces PS4 exclusive party-game Frantics

We are proud and excited to announce FRANTICS, our new party-game and first PS4 exclusive, developed in partnership with Sony XDev.

FRANTICS is a PlayLink party-game where you and up to three friends face off in a variety of arcade-style mini-games hosted by a scheming, manipulative and... charmingly unfair Fox. He will do anything to stir up controversy, encourage backstabbing and generally incite chaos.

Dajana Dimovska, Co CEO and Bizdev at NAPNOK GAMES says:

“We are thrilled and excited to finally be able to talk about FRANTICS, one of the first exclusive PlayLink titles. PlayLink is an exciting new way to play which combines your smartphone, TV and PS4. Using the smartphone as a control interface for PS4 games creates opportunities for refreshingly fun and innovative experiences which is a perfect fit for us and what we do best. Our PlayLink party-game, FRANTICS, is in many ways a core NAPNOK GAMES project: It is deeply social, it is wacky and far-out and it explores interesting new technologies and interfaces.”

Lau Korsgaard, CCO at NAPNOK GAMES and Creative Director of FRANTICS adds:

“We wanted to make a game that the typical PS4 owner could play with their non-gamer friends and family. The game is super competitive, but not in the usual skill-based ways - the winner is often not the one who is best at controlling the game, but the one who is best at controlling the other players.”


NAPNOK GAMES (formerly KNAPNOK GAMES, Hexblade and Lateral Labs);
Is a 7+ year old indie dev studio, with such widely acclaimed titles as Affordable Space Adventures (Top 25 WiiU titles of all time, IGN) and Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party (INDIECADE 2013, Best Tech Award) as well as AR toy hybrids like Airhogs Connect (Auggies 2016 winner). NAPNOK prides itself on a deep commitment to bringing indie innovation to improbable problems- an ideal held by all of the 60+ Devs in each of the four current studios (Copenhagen, Paris, Minneapolis and Skopje).

NAPNOK’s mission is to create groundbreaking local/ social multiplayer experiences driven by novel interfaces and new technologies on any platform from traditional console games to connected toys.


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