Napnok Games
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Release date:

March 7, 2018


Playstation 4



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$ 19.99
£ 15.99
€ 19.99


Frantics is a PlayLink party-game, developed by NapNok Games in partnership with Sony XDev. The game is a mini-games collection with genres ranging from frenetic action arena brawls to equally frenetic strategic turn based games. The challenges are hosted by a scheming, manipulative and... charmingly unfair Fox. He will do anything to stir up controversy, encourage backstabbing and incite shenanigans. All players fight to most crowns throughout the game – but the Fox has introduced a secondary currency, coins, that can be used for bribery, backstabbing, sabotaging and all kind of shenanigans.



  • A twisted clay world, where everything can happen The player characters just invite being whacked with baseball bats, flattened by steam rollers or thrown from high cliffs- in ouchy but ultimately harmless fun!
  • 15 frenetic minigames plus Fox’s super evil bonus challenges These mini-games are less about quick reflexes and precise controls and more about manipulating and outfoxing each other in dastardly ways.
  • Explore the full range of using smartphones as intuitive controllers Shake, tilt, swipe, use the camera and watch a private screen for secret information and missions as you play in a cunning new way.
  • Choose between 12 different and thoroughly messed up animal characters Each one being fully customizable with intuitive shake-’n’-makeTM functionality (final result may turn really weird tho).




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